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 A girl who does not want to be at the school dance makes a bold move.




This film was completed as a third-year cinematography project at Syracuse University, 2018. 


Cast + Crew:


Director  - Cory Souto

Cinematographer - Talia Zinder

Assistant Camera - Megan Massey

Gaffer - Kevin Tsai

Best Boy Grip  - Qicheng Yang

Sound Recordist - Sarah Pender    

Script Supervisor - Michelle Hubbard

Art Director / Makeup - Staci Puertas

Colorist - Megan Massey









Best Narrative

Count Basie Center Teen + College Film Festival 2019

Best Direction

Count Basie Center Teen + College Film Festival 2019

Best Film

Syracuse Student Film Festival 2019

Official Selection:


Bowery Film Festival

Riverside Film Festival

Romance Film and Screenplay Festival

Count Basie Center Teen + College Film Festival

Lake View International Film Festival

Lux et Lex Student Film Festival

Audience Awards LGBTQ Film Festival

Syracuse Student Film Festival

Georgia Shorts Film Festival

Hollywood BLVD Film Festival

Princeton Student Film Festival

LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

Adirondack Film Festival

Austin Micro Short Film Festival

NFFTY Film Festival

Romance Feedback Film Festival


Camille Theriault

Michaela Vivona  ​


Emily Britt

Hayley Eicher

Phil Chang

Sarah Pender

Megan Massey

Ryan Acklin

Michelle Hubbard

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